And Yes, More Ideas for Christmas Giving (Books, of Course)

Aunt Madge is staying briefly in Ocean Alley's Silver Times Assisted Living apartments. That's what happens when you stand on a stool to hang garland and lose your balance. Madge's broken wrist and ankle are healing enough that she hopes to join her family at her Cozy Corner B & B for Christmas. The body that falls into her apartment in the wee hours one morning kind of changes things.

Does the killer think Aunt Madge knows something she shouldn't? Will Madge follow the advice she regularly gives Jolie -- to accept that she may not ever know all the answers? It's not looking like it.

Even as she's on the prowl for a killer, Aunt Madge harnesses her friends to make the holidays -- and beyond -- happier for children who end up with broken bones and other ailments.

Newspaper reporter Paul Bradley discovers the body of Springfield Union Mayor James Rodgers prone on the municipal executive's City Hall office floor. The nearly seventy-year-old mayor has been shot twice in the chest. Suspects of the deed are plentiful of the openly womanizing administrator. A string of short term affairs and numerous one-night-stands over sixteen years since his return to his old hometown is just the tip of the iceberg. Numerous other relationships during his prior military career compounds the investigation.

Added to this, his contentious relationship with City Manager Kurt Buckwald and other political rivals as well as potential enemies from a presumed Black Ops career in the Air Force finds Detective Steve McCandless with a larger pool of suspects than he could imagine for the first murder in this small Kansas town in more than thirty years.

Who done it and how to prove it makes for page-turning excitement in this latest murder/mystery from author Michael Schafer.

Western history buffs and fans of the California Missions will enjoy Maria Ines, an impressively researched and vivid depiction of the Salinan Tribe of the Central Coast. Maria Ines is an Indian girl born under Padre Serra's cross at Mission San Miguel who witnesses the political intrigue and greed of Spanish, Mexican and Yanqui invaders who plunder California, destroying everything she loves.

Purebred Dead, a Mary McGill canine mystery. 

It’s the night of Santa Louisa’s annual Victorian Christmas Extravaganza. Mary McGill, chairwoman of the event, stands on the library steps making sure all is going as planned, waiting for the Posada to arrive at the crèche set up on St. Theresa’s front lawn. But the manger isn’t empty. Two children have discovered a man laying in it, very dead, a small puppy beside him.

The children saw a shadowy figure run out of the crèche, dressed in a mediaeval robe. Are they in danger? No one can be sure but they must be protected until the murder is caught. Mary agrees to help. She is sure the puppy is a clue, but to what? Dogs, and dog breeders are plentiful in Santa Louisa. Mary knows nothing about dogs. She’d better learn, and fast, because the local owner of the pet store is also dead and she and the children seem to be the chosen next victims. 
Published by Severn House

Recommended by Library Journal, Publishers Weekly and Book list, among others
Available in hard cover, soft cover and ebook

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