"Dying to be Beautiful" by Marcia Rosen

Hamptons Murder Mystery Series Asks:
What’s More Shocking, the Crimes or the Reasons People Commit Them?

The “Dying To Be Beautiful” mystery series introduced this spring is set in the Hamptons, where sometimes it seems that even the murdered and suspected murderers have a sense of entitlement. In the first few lines of Book One of the series, “Without A Head,” Rosen immediately grabs our attention: “The head in the sink stared up at her. Darcy Monroe, the owner of a popular, chic hair salon was used to this. Only this time, the head was there without a body.”  

In the first few lines of Book Two, “Fashion Queen,” Rosen draws us in again: “Kevin Larson swam in his pool nearly every morning. Going on sixty-five, he prided himself on being in good shape. Walking toward the small pool house, he noticed a light was on to the left of the pool. He was certain he turned it off the night before. Strange, he thought. Even stranger, lying in a different sort of pool — blood — was his longtime friend and lover, fashion designer Andre Yellen.”
The unnerving narrative continues: “Yellen was stuffed into one of the gowns he had designed and wearing a blond wig. The gown had been auctioned off the night before at a huge Hampton fundraiser. People in The Hamptons were certainly dying to be beautiful.”
Private investigator Jenna Preston and her long-time friend, Detective Troy Johnson, work together to solve these murders that leave us wondering: Which is more shocking, the crimes themselves or the reasons people commit them? Throughout the series, solving such crimes leads Jenna to philosophical perspectives, danger and romance (thanks to her Irish setter, Watson).

M. Glenda Rosen is also known as Marcia G. Rosen and is the author of  “The Woman’s Business Therapist: Eliminate the MindBlocks and RoadBlocks to Success” and the award-winning “My Memoir Workbook.” For over fifteen years, she has helped numerous authors develop and market their books. She has presented writing programs in Manhattan, The Hamptons, New Mexico and Carmel, California, on “Encouraging and Supporting the Writer Within You!” The author is also founder and owner of a successful marketing and public relations agency for twenty-five years.

In the works:
Book 3: Fake Beauty, Fall 2016
Book 4: Fat Free 
Book 5:  Manhattan to The Hamptons

For more information on Rosen and her work, visit www.dyingtobebeautiful.com, or follow her book blog tour during the month of June: www.dyingtobebeautifulblogtour.blogspot.com.

For over 15 years, Marcia Rosen has provided people of all ages and life experiences with strategies and inspiration to open and expand the doors of their creativity so they can write and publish the words “dancing in their heads and hearts offering classes on “Encouraging and Supporting the Writer Within You!” and “Now What?” Marcia is also founder and owner of a successful marketing and public relations agency for twenty-five years. (www.mrosenconsulting.com).

Throughout her life she has served on numerous non-profit boards and panels concerned with critical life issues such as homeless men and women, medical errors, breast cancer awareness, and initiatives against domestic violence.

“Dying To Be Beautiful,” is about the billion-dollar world of beauty, a mystery series that take place in The Hamptons, where the murdered and suspected murderers are often arrogant and obnoxious with a sense of entitlement.
Throughout the series, solving crimes leads Jenna to philosophical perspectives, danger and romance (thanks to her dog, Watson). The secondary stories of life in The Hamptons and the bad behavior of the inhabitants adds to the intrigue and importance of the books with issues of supporting veterans and the homeless.

“Dying To Be Beautiful” Mystery Series,  “Without A Head” and “Fashion Queen,” are available at Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com and more than thirty independent bookstores across the U.S.. The third book in the series, “Fake Beauty,” will be published in the fall of 2016.

“I’ve wanted to write mystery books for a long time. Solving murders is a lot like solving problems for businesses: discover the truth of the problem and seek plausible solutions with insight and intelligence.” Marcia
“Dying To Be Beautiful” Mystery Series
‘Without A Head’
‘Fashion Queen’
‘Fake Beauty’
‘Fat Free’
‘Manhattan to The Hamptons’
Author of…
“Eliminate The MindBlocks and RoadBlocks to Success”
Award Winning, “My Memoir Workbook”
 “DYING TO BE BEAUTIFUL is a fascinating look into the multi-million dollar world of beauty and the things people will do to attain it. You are a fun and engaging storyteller who clearly knows her way around a plot twist or two. Jenna manages to be both tough and glamorous in her role as a private investigator.” — NEW YORK PUBLISHING AGENT
“Without a Head a quirky female private investigator novel that will keep readers hooked with its charm, wit and suspense.” — CITY BOOK REVIEW
“The book, and the characters, including a beautiful setter dog named Watson (smart, protective, and necessary to the plot) brings humor and humanity to the whole. I loved it.” — HAMPTON RESIDENT AND AUTHOR


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Thanks so much for featuring me on your wonderful blog.
M. Glenda Rosen

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