2016 Had It's Ups and Downs

The hardest and most heartbreaking was the loss of our grandson, Christopher. He succumbed to a horrible cancer. Because he visited with us when he was a youngster and lived with us off and on as an adult, we were very close to him.  He lived the last years of his life with his mother and step-dad, and came to visit several times.

Another hard and difficult event was the deduction of hubby's military disability from 100% to 10%. We appealed, he had another physical and the disability was raised to 40%. We should have been happy, right? No, because for some crazy reason, they deducted the 40% from his retirement pay, which made our income even less than before. Plus, now we don't get the veteran's disability cut in our property tax.

We have written to our legislator--but heard nothing yet. How crazy is that? 

He's so upset, he said if he'd known what would happen he'd never have stayed in the Navy for 20 years--he missed out on a lot of family life--to say nothing of risking his life during 3 tours in Vietnam during the war.

He had a health scare too, at the beginning of the year, and ended up with a pace maker. His knees have gotten terribly painful, he walks with two canes and at times uses a walker. When he went to a specialist about getting a knee replacement, he was told that it isn't just arthritis causing his problems, he's very bow-legged, and his knees are not normal. A replacement is not recommended.

I'm doing okay--just much slower. And yes, I"m still writing and enjoying it. Certainly, I don't make a much money doing it, but it is satisfying.

The publisher of my Rocky Bluff P.D. mysteries fell ill during the summer, and has moved to Illinois to recuperate. She is a friend and I'm praying for a full recovery for her.

Good things have happened too. One of our granddaughters and her hubby have become joint owners of our house, which is helping with the bills. It's also great having them and their two little girls around. They give us lots of joy.

Our daughter Lisa is so generous about driving us places where we want to go but don't want to drive to anymore. She's been our driver to Ventura for the PSWA board meeting,  to Las Vegas for the annual conference, to Murrieta and Camarillo to visit relatives. She also driven me to various events near and far. 

A grandson we have had no news about for years got in touch with us through email. The last time we saw him he was 3 years old. He lives in Nebraska and we have another great-grandson from him.

We had a surprise great-great grandbaby this year, a surprise to everyone including the mom, and news of another coming in 2017 as well as another great-great. 

The blessings definitely out weigh the difficulties. 

Looking forward to a brand new year!



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