A Special Offer

A special offer--for the price of postage, $6.50, I'll send you the first three books in my Deputy Tempe Crabtree series at no cost: 

Deadly Omen, Intervention and Wing Beat. 

(The actual 2nd one, Unequally Yoked, is only available from the publisher: Mundania Press and regular outlets.)

Send a check to me, at PO Box 526, Springville CA 93265. (USA addresses only, please.) Or you can use Pay Pal, message me on Facebook and I'll send my email address.

Tempe helps with the investigation of a murder at a Pow Wow.

What Tempe and her husband Hutch planned as a romantic getaway becomes something else when a white-out blizzard snows them in and one of the other guests is missing.

A pot farm hidden away in the mountains and a mysterious death keep Tempe busy.

Each of these books have a bit of Indian mysticism in them.

I'll autograph them, and if you want them personalized in a certain way, let me know.



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