Another Christmas Memory

For 23 years we owned, operated and lived in a licensed residential facility. (It's the same house we live in now.) We shared out lives and our home with six developmentally disabled women. We had four for the longest time, others came and went for various reasons.

Whatever was going on with our family, weddings, big family birthday parties, church events, trips to Disneyland, community events, they were a part of it. And that meant Christmas too.

On Christmas Eve some of our family came over and we all had a present or two to open, including our ladies. 

Christmas morning was the big event. When the gals got up and dressed and came to breakfast, they were always greeted with a huge pile of gifts. Our goal was to make it as wonderful as our kids' Christmas back in the early days.  They were always so excited! Of course they received new clothes, often videos, games, and if they had a special hobby or interest, something they would like. 

Picking out, buying and wrapping all those gifts was a chore--but oh was it worth it on Christmas morning. When family members dropped by, they were eagerly shown what they received.

I feel so blessed to have these memories among all the other Christmas memories.



Thonie Hevron said…
Love to read about your wonderful memories, Marilyn. Merry Christmas to you . All!!
Thonie Hevron said…
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I've been around for a long time so have lots of memories. Thanks for the comment, Thonie!

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