Christmas Memories Part II

I graduated from high school in 1951 and got married that same year. The kids started coming soon after.

When we lived in Oxnard we sometimes we celebrated Christmas at my parents' house in Los Angeles, driving down with our station wagon loaded with kids and gifts.

One year my third child was over due and my folks, grandparents, aunt and uncle and cousin, came to our little house in Oxnard with gifts and part of the Christmas dinner. I cooked the turkey. Baby arrived 3 days later.

A Christmas when hubby was overseas, I ordered all the kids' presents from a catalog--my credit was denied and I had no gifts. We went early to mom's and she gave me $25 and I was able to buy gifts for all the kids. (Might have only had 3 at the time but still the money sure went a lot further than it does these days.)

I worked off and on as a telephone operator, and one Christmas I had a split shift. I left before anyone was up. When I came home, we all went out to dinner (only time we ever did that), and then I went back to work.

We moved to Springville, where we live now, and owned a residential facility, and had 6 more women to buy gifts for. My sister also moved to Springville along with her grown kids, and we drew names and had a big celebration at our house.

Christmas Day the ladies we took care of had their big Christmas and oh, did they enjoy it--and the big dinner that followed.

We retired and now we celebrate Christmas Eve with a small part of our family and have our dinner before we open gifts. Christmas Day is much quieter and we enjoy the leftovers.

Christmas is almost here. Enjoy the time with your family.



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