Merry Christmas to one and all!

To all of you who celebrate Christmas, my wish for you is that it will be filled with love, family and friends--and many, many blessings.

Our Christmas Eve will be spent with some of our family--sharing dinner and a few gifts and lots of love and joy. We have so many little ones, that always adds to the fun.

Christmas Day we'll go to church as usual--I'll teach Sunday School if I have any kids to teach.
Some will have spent the night and I know my daughter (the senior preacher's wife) has purchased gifts for the kids who wake up at the church. Should be fun.

We'll have leftovers for dinner with whoever decides to join us.

Merry Christmas!



Christmas Blessings to you and Hap, Marilyn, and a blossoming New Year. Sent with love by Radine and John

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