Post Christmas

We celebrated Christmas Eve with some of our family. Unfortunately, our two great grands were sick, though this is a pretty good photo of them with their parents.

Unfortunately, though I charged my phone, I forgot to take any pictures and we had two other great grands here for dinner and the big present opening. 

The littlest one liked one of the boxes best.

The next morning, hubby and I headed to church and feasted on homemade biscuits and gravy.

I taught Sunday School, and yes, I had 3 kids, and attended the church service with hubby. As usual, Pastor Brandon (another great-grandson) did a great job.

Back home, we had leftovers for dinner.

In the afternoon, we had a visit from grandson, Nathan and his wife Amanda. We'll soon have another great-grandson from them. So much fun talking with them.

The two little ones continue to be sick with this awful flu.

My sister called me yesterday and we had a great long chat. I miss her. She used to live close and we did lots of things together, especially holidays. She's now in Vegas, near most of her children and grandchildren. I get to see her once of twice a year.

I only got half way back to normal yesterday. Worked in the a.m. and actually finished my book--first draft--now have to go back over it and catch all the mistakes and missing things.

Looking back, though except for the sick kids, it was a most enjoyable Christmas.

I hope your had a great holiday!



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