Yesterday was Son Mark's Birthday

After having two girls, our first son, Mark, was born 3 days after Christmas. When I finally went into labor, I wouldn't leave the house to go to the hospital until after Perry Mason was over. Hubby wasn't happy about that--but he was thrilled when he learned we'd finally had a son.

The above photo is of Mark right before multiple myeloma took him from  us. He's with his big sister, Dana. We took Mark with us to church camp and he had a wonderful time.

Of course his birthday reminds of us our loss, but also wonderful memories of Mark.

In this photo he is still feeling pretty good. He did love the beach and the ocean. 

This is a great photo because he was happy and healthy when this was taken. He's with his two step-daughters and his wonderful wife Leah. 

He was a fun little boy too.

He loved to go to the beach--we lived close to Oxnard and Hueneme beaches. He could go to sleep anywhere--even on the warm sidewalk--which he did often.

Not everything went well for Mark--he had a first marriage that didn't work out. He had a son from that marriage but his ex took the boy away when he was 3 and Mark never saw him again. This past year, his son has contacted me through email, I wish it had happened sooner so Mark could have seen his son.

Things changed for him when he met Leah and married and accepted her three kids as his own. He loved those children so much and they loved him. He became a grandpa, and loved his granddaughters too and at his memorial service, one of them said Mark was the best grandpa ever.

Mark never had many material things but he appreciated everything he did have and never envied anyone.

He could always sing, sang in the school choir and in the church choir as an adult. He was also an accomplished artist. He worked with adults with developmental disabilities in several different jobs--bus driver, camp counselor, job coach, and staff in a small adult facility. He loved the people he worked with.

Though his life was cut short, while he was here he lived life abundantly.

Because he loved the Lord, I know I'll be reunited with him in Heaven.



Lori_Soard said…
Beautiful memories, Marilyn. Even though his life wasn't as long as we would want it to be, it sounds like he lived it to the full and is remembered with great fondness by those who knew him best. Hugs and prayers for you as you deal with missing him here on earth.
That was beautiful. Among your many traits I admire, your strength is at the top.
Thank you Lori and Victoria for your wonderful comments. And as usual, I spotted a typo.
Anonymous said…
Marilyn, I am so sorry for your loss. I am glad that you can reminisce and have wonderful memories of him.
Anonymous said…
Marilyn: I am so very sorry for your loss and the memories you recorded were very meaningful.

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