Happy New Year! 2017

On this day, January 1, 2017, we are continuing our New Year's Day tradition--for those in our family who love seafood, we are enjoying my special seafood gumbo. 

It begins with the turkey carcass from Thanksgiving which constitutes the beginnings of the broth with chunks of turkey.The bones are thrown out--celery and onions are added and cooked, along with a couple of cans of tomato chunks. I add a carton of chicken broth, and a big package of frozen okra. I season with a couple of shakes of Tabasco and salt. 

When it's near time to eat, I'll add shrimp and crab legs (I like the smaller ones best for this) to the boiling broth, but it doesn't really need to cook, I pull out the crab legs so people can take a couple.
It's served over rice.

Easy and really good!

After we're full we play a rousing game of Estimation.

As for resolutions, I don't do them. My hope and prayer is for a good year for family and friends. And of course I would hope for my books too.



Amy Bennett said…
How well does that gumbo ship to, say, New Mexico?? I'm stealing your recipe (if I can ever get the turkey carcass away from Paul's mom at Thanksgiving!)

God bless and have a wonderful new year!
It's really easy to make. A bit more difficult this time because I had to teach Sunday School and church in the a.m. I'd made the broth the day before, but added chicken broth, the celery, onions and tomatoes, frozen okra, some Tabasco, and when it boiled I added the shrimp and crablegs. In minutes, ready to eat.

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