Lots of Rain in California, and the Rivers are Raging

We've had a big drought in California for too many years--and now we're getting lots of rain. The Tule River runs through Springville, my little town in the foothills. In fact the Tule flows/or rages, depending upon the time of year, behind our house. We are high enough, that we don't have to worry, but many homes are built right along the river, and for them, at times, it's scary.

There is a history of the Tule flooding and I heard many stories about it which inspired a story about flooding and mud slides which came out in 2012, Raging Water.

Raging Water Blurb:

A rash of burglaries and the murder of two women shock the mountain community of Bear Creek. Add a fast-moving thunderstorm that brings torrential rains and Tempe Crabtree, the resident deputy can forget about her days off.

Who would murder two harmless women? Did a drug addict simply want their medications or did they share a secret someone was willing to kill for?

When a massive mud slide blocks the road into town, temporary shelters are set-up, residents high above the river open their homes to friends and neighbors, tensions rise and tempers flare. 

The village of Bear Creek in many ways has a strong resemblance to my town of Springville though the fictional place is higher in the mountains. 

This is what the Tule River looks like now:

If you haven't read this book in the series yet, it's available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.



Jackie Houchin said…
Ohhhh, that looks a bit scary... and your description relating it to your book Raging Waters made we want to buy the book.
Missionary friends in Africa (Malawi) are reporting they are also finally getting rain after two years of drought (and alot of starvation). But it's coming fast, and a section of their 10-foot wall was flooded and washed away.
Keep dry and safe!!
I don't have to worry--we're three levels up from the river. If it gets up to where we are, half the town of Springville will be washed away.

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