And the Struggle Continues

According to my calendar this week was pretty free and I thought I could concentrate on writing my next Tempe Crabtree mystery.


Someone I did a program plan for called hysterically--her admission agreement had problems. (I don't do that part but told her I'd see what I could do.)

Another person let me know that as yet I hadn't sent their Part B for licensing. Thought I had, but I didn't have it marked, so I had to do that. Not hard--just takes time.

I thought I'd finished my taxes--used Turbo Tax, sent them in and they were accepted--but then I received another 1099. This one for money I haven't received. Eeeek! Meant calling a bank in New York was told that the IRS requires the 1099 once the bond is due--(ancient thing I did in 1988)--and I'm sure they thought I'd be dead by now. So I had to do an amended form, Not sure I did it right, but when you amend the form you have to print and mail. It's going out today.

I received an email and then a phone call from someone who wants me to do a program design for a Supported Living Program. Since I make money doing these, of course I will. I hope to get to it, by tomorrow.

My writing has to go on the back burner for now. I'm also getting ready to go on a trip to Ventura. The purpose is the board meeting for PSWA. It will be good to see my fellow board members--and my eldest daughter and her hubby are coming to Ventura and will be staying with our youngest daughter so will get to spend a little time with them too. Looking forward to it.

Though I will take a notebook in case I have some ideas about the book to jot down, I don't think much time will be spend on that.

And so it goes--the up and down life of this author.

If you haven't read it yet, Seldom Traveled is the latest in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series. It's available in all the usual places and directly from the publisher: 



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