My Valentine

Of course my Valentine is my husband--the one I've had for nearly 66 years.

We met on a blind date--can't say I was smitten immediately though I definitely was impressed by his good looks. 

He had the most beautiful blue eyes and looked a bit like a young Frank Sinatra. He could really play the piano. I don't think he was so impressed with me at first, but he loved being around my family.

Later I knew that his childhood and upbringing had been much different than mine. I grew up with a mom and dad and sister in a loving family. His mother died when he was 5, and because she was sick from the time he was 3, he lived with his grandmother and two aunts. He grew up in teeny town in Maryland, and I grew up in Los Angeles. Lots of big differences.

Did we have an easy time in the early part of our marriage? No. And there were many rough and rocky places along the way. When asked what is the secret of our long marriage? This is the simple answer, "We never gave up."

Most of the time, he's been my best friend--someone I could tell anything to and know it wouldn't go any farther. I think he feels the same way.

Now that we're old, things have changed a bit. 

Back in the day, with one glance he could get a bully to back away. Now, he'd probably hit one with his cane. We both move much slower than in earlier times, and getting up out of some chairs takes a bit of effort. 

Neither of us can hear as well as we used to, and sometimes the results of what we though we heard are funny.

We can watch movies we've seen before because we can't remember enough to spoil the endings.

Best outcome of this long marriage is our offspring. Five children (one has gone to be with the Lord), eighteen grandchildren, and eighteen great-grands, an one great-great with another on the way. What wonderful blessings! 

Would I do it all over? Sure.

Happy Valentine's Day to my honey. 

Our wedding photo

On our 50th


Jackie Houchin said…
How wonderful! We just had our 63rd anniversary this month! But we have only two boys, three granddaughters and no.... greats yet.

I think knowing the Lord, loving and studying the Bible and applying its precepts is the reason folks like you and me have stayed so long together.

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