The Promotion Season Begins,by Marilyn Meredith

Even though I do not have a new book to promote--events that I had no control over have slowed down both the writing and production of the latest Rocky Bluff P.D. crime novel--I have plenty of books to promote and sell.

When this post appears I'll be at the Madera Library with a many of my RBPD novels and my Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries. 

I'll be heading to Ventura on the 23rd of this month for the Public Safety Writers Association. This is not promotion, but it's our planning session for the year and ultimately the big conference in July. I know that those who come will have an opportunity to learn about promotion as well as promote their own books.

March 11 I'll be at the Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis from 10 - 8. 

On April 1, I'll be speaking at the San Joaquin chapter of Sisters in Crime with our president, Cora Ramos about all things writing.

You can find me in Hanford on April 15th in the library at 3 p.m. Will have 30 minutes to delight the audience about my books. 

In August, I'm heading over to San Luis Obispo to meet with the Night Writers at  7p.m. I'm going to talk about writing a mystery, and together we'll plan one.

That's all I've got so far, but I know the calendar will fill as time goes on.

So--what about my writing? 

The latest RBPD mystery is done, but I made some changes in the last 3 chapters and I need to read it again to my writing group, then it will go off to my editor.

I am in the planning stages of my next Tempe, and hope to really focus on writing that one as most fo the Deputy Tempe Crabtree books come out in August, not sure I'll make it this time. We'll see.

And what kind of exciting things are going on in your life? (Really, the most exciting in my life is welcoming another great-grandchild into our family.)



Terell said…
You go girl! My brother wants to know with all you do, when do you sleep?
Patricia Gligor said…
I've said it before and I'll say it again - You amaze me with all that you do! You manage to write two series, you're active in your church and with your large (and constantly growing) family. BTW, congratulations on your new great-grandchild!

I have some exciting news to share too. My fifth Malone mystery, Marnie Malone, will be released by Post Mortem Press early in March. Although my event calendar can't compare to yours, I have a local book launch scheduled on March 11th and a couple of other events in person and online in 2017. Like you, I'm sure more will pop up as time goes by.
Terrell, tell your brother I go to bed really early and get up really early, and I take a nap most afternoons.

Congratulations, Patricia! So happy to hear that.
Jackie Houchin said…
As with Patricia Gligor, I am amazed at all that you do - writing, promoting, family matters and emergencies, teaching kids in Sunday School, travel, involvement in organizations! WOW!

I think MY life is busy, but I get not even a quarter done that you do. I've discovered I fritter away much of my time, my interests and responsibilities are too eclectic, I am a procrastinator, and basically.... lazy. Help! I need to come along side you for a month and learn!!

Seriously, I am inspired with how you just sit down and begin a new novel in one of your series. No messing around (except for emergencies), just get to it. Keep going, Marilyn. We need your example!
Thank you, Jackie. I'm in the middle to taxes now, so I'm not doing anything I'd like to do.

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