THE SWAP by Nancy Boyarsky

The road of an author is often filled with various hazards. As happens more often than readers have any idea about, for one reason or another, an author has to find a new publisher, or got about some other means to have a book republished.

I don't know any details about what happened here, but what I do know is Nancy Boyarsky wrote a fascinating story in The Swap. Here is the review I wrote when I read it: 

My review of Swap.

I received a copy of the book from the publisher and definitely enjoyed it. It is the story of a house swap, with as much excitement as any thriller. 

Nicole, the heroine, is a rather naive young woman who after moving into the house in London suspects her husband of straying and gets caught up in a twisted path of murder, starting with a car bomb that might have been meant for her. 

From that time on she becomes suspicious of many, finds herself in peril many times, doesn't know whom to trust and often misinterprets what is happening. I suspect that if any of us ordinary folks found ourselves in the same predicaments as Nicole we might make some of the same mistakes. This was a fast moving adventure, and definitely a page turner.


Patricia Gligor said…
I thoroughly enjoyed reading "The Swap." Suspense and intrigue from the very first page!

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