Yes, I'm Writing

So far, I've finished Chapter 1.

With this one, Tempe will be in Bear Creek, but once again, way up in the mountains, even higher than in the last book. It's winter and too much snow is a big factor. Because of the snow, it will be a "locked room" mystery. In other words, no one can get out, so everyone is a suspect. 

The main setting is the lodge of a camp for girls. I've based it on a lodge for a church summer camp that our family went to a lot. 

I know who all the characters are, and I've introduced them. I know what they look like and their backgrounds and their relationships with one another.

At this point, I think I know who will be murdered--though that could change and I have some ideas about the murder weapon and the murderer.

Unlike some other authors, I don't outline, at this point I'm feeling my way along. If it works like every other book I've written the ideas will pop into my head as I move along. Sometimes the ideas are way ahead, and in that case, I'll jot down notes about them so I don't forget.

This my sound crazy to you, but this is the way I've always written. 

Anyone else do it this way? 

How about sharing your process?



Dee Card said…
I write that way. I feel better knowing you do also. And I have started following your advice about just "throwing up" the story on paper first and then going back and cleaning it up. :)
To me that's the only way to do it, Dee.

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