DANCER, A Novella by John M. Wills

Thank you for hosting me today, Meredith. I always enjoy visiting your blog. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce your readers to something a bit different than my usual offerings. As some of your readers may know, I write novels with police themes that highlight moral dilemmas and tough ethical decisions. My stories feature strong protagonists who find themselves in untenable situations and who struggle to extricate themselves. Most do so, albeit with much difficulty, and the stories generally have satisfying endings.

Dancer, however, is a departure from my other works. First, Dancer is a novella rather than a novel. What’s a novella? Consider it a long version of a short story, but much shorter than a novel. The story features the same elements as a novel, only in a more concise form. A novella is a perfect beach read or for someone who can’t take the time to read an entire novel.

Dancer is the story of a college girl who is down on her luck. Sherry can’t keep up with her bills and is looking to change her life. Her classmate, Denise, seems to have it all—a nice car, beautiful clothes, and no worries about bills. Sherry soon learns Denise makes her money by dancing at an adult entertainment club, and Sherry is lured into “the life” very quickly. However, she soon learns that things aren’t as they seem. She’s about to discover a very dark side of the business, one that has deadly consequences.

I was inspired to write this story by some of my undercover work while I was an undercover FBI agent. The description of the club, as well as how the women operate, are based on reality. The reader should be forewarned that some of the story contains some rough spots in terms of language and descriptions of events, but that was necessary for making the story real.

The book is available on Amazon in print and Kindle: I hope your readers will take a chance on a different type of entertainment and take a look at Dancer.

John M. Wills has been writing professionally since 2004. His credits include more than 150 published articles regarding police officer training and safety; 10 books, both fiction and non-fiction; various poems and short stories; and one technical manual. John also writes video scripts for The William McLain Foundation in Atlanta, honoring first responders killed in the line of duty. An avid reader, John writes book reviews for the New York Journal of Books and is a member of the National Book Critics Circle.

From Marilyn:

John is a good friend from the Public Safety Writers Association, and one of my favorite writers. 


Amy Bennett said…
I'll have to check this one out, John! My to-read list is getting longer!
Morgan Mandel said…
Sounds like a novella that needed to be written! I'm sure you've got lots of other experiences as well to draw back on when you write!
John M. Wills said…
Thanks, Amy and Morgan, it's a quick read but very interesting and a bit dark.

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