Mrs. Odboddy, Undercover Courier by Elaine Faber

 A review of Mrs. Odboddy, Undercover Courier by Elaine Faber

(Previous book was Mrs. Odboddy, Hometown Patriot.)

The story is set during World War II. Agnes Odboddy, the heroine, is an elderly widow with an overactive imagination. An invitation to accompany the president’s wife, Eleanor Roosevelt on a goodwill trip is forefront in her mind until Colonel Farthing worth of the nearby Army base brings her to his office in a most unorthodox manner. He sends Mrs. Odboddy on a mission to deliver a package to President Roosevelt, not an easy task.

Before she even begins the trip, the enemy tries to discover and steal the package. Accompanied by her niece, Katherine, the two women begin their trip by railroad—a trip filled with danger. Mrs. Odboddy realizes she is being shadowed by a man—a man whom she suspects of being a spy and a murderer.

She and Katherine encounter others on their trip who may or may not be a threat to both of them. Mrs. Odboddy takes a harrowing detour, and when she and Katherine finally reach Washington D.C. they find they are still in danger.

This is a delightful and at times funny tale, filled with the problems civilians faced during the war years, plus the unusual and dangerous venture faced by Mrs. Odboddy. Despite her age, she manages to thwart her enemies even when under physical attack.

If you enjoy an occasional laugh while reading a thrilling tale, you’ll love Mrs. Odboddy, Undercover Courier.

--Review by Marilyn Meredith


Jackie Houchin said…
Oh my goodness these sound so cute and good. it reminds me of a story I've got started (not a book) about a returning CIA agent, now in her 70s, but just as spry and observant. Her name is... Norma Pink

I will check out these books. Thanks marilyn !
Jackie Houchin said…
Oh dear.... I just discovered this is available only on Kindle. I don't do Kindle anymore. Well.... maybe some day.

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