Next Rocky Bluff P.D. Mystery

The next Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery is slow in coming because the publisher has had health issues. Fortunately, another publisher has stepped in and offered to publish my next book in the series.

I've had it edited and sent it off. I've been contacted by the cover artist--so it shouldn't be too long now.

I was a bit concerned that this one might not get published at all. This made me sad because two friends had won the privilege (?) to have characters named for them. Both wanted to be villains--and they are.

The title is Unresolved because some things are left hanging--though of course the culprits are discovered, but I don't go into trials or how they they turn out.

Recently, I learned that the latest RBPD mystery out, A Crushing Death has some glaring typos. I'm disappointed, and there isn't anything I can do about it now with the publisher's problem. The only thing I can think of is that when I sent back the corrections, they didn't all get made.

Life goes on, no matter what happens. So, if you haven't read it yet--it has the best villains in it--A Crushing Death is available in paper and as an ebook, and maybe you can overlook the typos.



Terell said…
Sorry that your books are hung up (again) with publisher troubles. Good to hear you got picked up by another publisher. Let me know if you need a beta reader to help proof.
Thanks Terrell. I did have it proofed, but I think that the corrections I sent didn't get fixed.
Thonie Hevron said…
I'm so glad you're going to get this published! Looking forward to reading it.
I am going through Michael Orenduff.

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