On Being Empowered

Frankly, I've never really thought what that meant for me until this past week when women were encouraged not to go to work or do what they usually do for one day, and parade down the street.

I can't even imagine. I've always done what needed to be done, every day it needed to happen,  When something came up and no one else was doing it, I figured out how and did it. 

I tried all sorts of things I didn't have a background or education for and succeeded--that's being empowered. 

One thing led to another. Being PTA president taught me how to run a meeting, Robert's Rules, and speaking in front of others.

When I became a Camp Fire Leader I learned how to cook all sorts of things outdoors, including a turkey under ground, how to backpack and camp in the wilderness, plan all sorts of trips, and help my girls earn enough money to rent a Greyhound bus and take a five day trip to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. 

Because I thought I could, I interviewed for a job as a teacher for developmentally disabled pre-schoolers and got it. Taught for 10 years there and a few more in day care centers for disadvantaged kids. Managed to get my AA in Child Development while working, taking care of my home and kids.

Because others didn't back me up when I went against crooked authority, I vowed to stand up for others in the same predicament, and have many times.

Hubby and I bought a pre-existing residential care home for 6 women with developmental disabilities and I got a license and became vendorized as an administrator because I knew I could learn all the rules and regulations and do a good job even though I didn't have any prior experience. Did this for 20 plus years. 

Started an organization for administrators of residential care homes because we needed to be represented--and I began a newsletter that I still write. Because we knew we were going to have to be certified and have ongoing classes, with the association started authorized CEU classes, 

And I raised five kids of my own, helped raise some grandkids, wrote and published nearly 40 books, taught writing to various groups, was the program director for the Public Safety Writers Association's annual conference for 9 years, and edit their newsletter.

Yes, I'm empowered and I don't need anyone to make me feel that way. I know that my abilities and talents come from the Lord and I thank Him for all He's done for me.

Remember, you never know if you can do something unless you try. 



Terell said…
I think it is time to bring back the expression,"You don't know if you can do it unless you try." That is the essence of empowerment and I rarely hear it anymore. Great article!
Thanks, Terrell. I just had to get it out.
John M. Wills said…
Great post, well said.
Thanks, John, I just don't understand this new generation of women--and some of the older ones too.
Thonie Hevron said…
Beautifully said, Marilyn. I think some people have a "get it done" attitude and others don't. I'm so glad you do! I like to think I do, too.
Thanks for your comment, Thonie, guess I just don't get how some people think.

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