Public Appearances

Whenever a new book comes out, unless an author has a great publicist, she/he will be scrambling for places to make appearances to talk about the book, writing, or anything that might compel a reader to want to buy the book.

Actually, most of us are looking for places to appear and sell our books whether we have a new one out or not. 

I've been fortunate to already have made a few appearances. Though for some of them I didn't have the new book yet, I did have cards to hand out with the cover and all the information.

I did a joint presentation for my local Sisters in crime group, I've talked to a great group at the Hanford Library, and had a table at a craft show at our church. 

My blog tour began on April 22 nd.

In May, I'm doing a radio interview at 6:35 in the morning. Yes, I am. I'll let you know how that goes.

On June 24th at 11, I'll be over at the Paso Robles Library talking about Best Sellers again.

I have five Fresno Library visits at  11 a.m, I'll be at the Gillis Library, June 17,  the Fowler Library on July 22, the Selma Library, July 29, the Kingsburg Library August 8, and the Caruthers Library August 12. 

I'm sure more opportunities will present themselves. 

This was one of the first, speaking with Cora Ramos at the San Joaquin Sisters in Crime April meeting. 



Thonie Hevron said…
What an inspiration you are!
Thank you, Thonie! I just looked at the pic of Cora and me again, and boy, does she look bored.

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