It's That Time of Year Again

Too much on my plate. (Maybe that's anytime of the year.)

Wasn't even paying attention to the fact I didn't have anything new on my blog--because I had so much else going on. 

In my normal life, the big memorial day weekend is coming up--for me it's going to be a time to do a bit of catch-up and writing (hopefully). On Monday we celebrate a great-grands 14th birthday. She's special because she began her life right here in our home. We've had her breezing in and out the past 14 years.

I've been spending some time doing promotion.

A radio interview for a station in Wisconsin at 6:35 a.m. Because my household is noisy at this time in the morning. I did the interview in our bathroom. Worked great--nice and soundproof. And no, it didn't echo, old house, big room, no tile.

I signed up for a book festival that's happening in October--The Big Valley Bookfest. I've been to this one several times. Last year, I got sick and couldn't stay until it was over, hoping for better health this time.

There's a website I need to visit, I've been asked if I want to be interviewed by a Fresno radio station, the answer is yes, but I need to check it out first. 

Posted about my latest mystery on the Ladies of Mystery Blog.

I just finished writing a newsletter that I do every month for an organization--one I've been doing for years.

I have a chapter that I read to my writers' group that needs fixing--and of course, I need to write more because it's past due to the publisher and I"m a ways from being finished. 

I just got a writing job that actually pays money, so once I get the information I need, I'll have to get busy with that--this happened while I was writing this blog post.

And that's where I am at the moment.

I'd love to have more readers of my latest book, Unresolved. I've had great feedback about it, but so far only one review. Hoping for more.

So that's where I am at the moment.

Marilyn aka F. M. Meredith


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