Moving into June

Can you believe it? This is the last day of May!

This was a busy, busy month, and the next one promises to be even busier. Though I have two weeks where it looks like I can concentrate on my writing, I have three library presentations.

The first one is not until the 17th, 11 a.m. at the Gillis Library in Fresno.

On the 24th, I'll be on a panel about Best Sellers at the Paso Robles Library at 11 a.m. (In Paso Robles--a long way to go, but I need my Central Coast fix. I lived close to the Pacific Ocean for over 20 years, now I'm in the foothills of the Sierra and I love it here--but I do miss the coast.

The last public appearance of the month will be at the Exeter Library at 6:30 where I'll be speaking with Gloria Getman about our mysteries. That library's book club is reading the first in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series, Deadly Omen. I was told to be prepared for questions so that ought to be a fun visit.

I love speaking at libraries--you never know what kind of crowd you'll have, but usually the folks are people who love books and that's what counts.

If you will be in any of these places in June, I'd love to see you.



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