Oh, My Nothing Like Great Grands Graduation to Make you Feel Old

We've had three big graduations this year-- and they are our great-grandchildren.
Olivia Van Scoy graduated from high school in Temecula. In the photo she's with her cousins, Peyton, her aunt Genie (granddaughter) and Garrett. She is my oldest grandson's daughter.

Of course they are both great-grands and moving through school and life far too quickly.

The second graduation was from our great-granddaughter, Kay'Lee Meredith who graduated from 8th grade. She also gave the final speech. Kay'Lee is our youngest son's oldest granddaughter. She is in the blue dress in the front of the group photo--and that's everyone who came to the graduation, both sides of the family.

And the third is Ethan Van Scoy, Olivia's little (only because he's younger than she, take a look at their photo below) brother also from the 8th grad.

My, oh, my. And as the grow, we've had new great-grands and great-grands added to our family too.

 'The graduate, Olivia, with my other great grands and their mom, granddaughter, Genie.
Peyton, Olivia, Genie and Garrett. Love them!'


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