What I Do for Fun

Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows what I do most of the time:

Work on projects for others
Put out two newsletters for organizations I belong to.
Write my own newsletter
Promoting my books whether on line or in person.
Teach Sunday School and go to church
Grocery shop and cook dinner (almost every p.m.)

Though a lot of that is fun for me, I know it doesn't sound like fun to others. 

Reading--I don't get to do enough of it anymore.

My two great-granddaughters who share our home (with their parents) keep me entertained. They always want to know what I'm doing, and sometimes play school in my office--when I'm working here.

Spending time with my big family--just visiting, birthdays, traveling to where some of the far away ones live.

Going to an occasional movie with my hubby--or just sneaking away with him to have lunch, usually at the Thai Kitchen.

Eating out anytime--meaning I don't have to cook.

Going to the PSWA conference--coming up next month. I used to attend as many mystery and writing conferences and conventions I could afford in a year--but I don't fly anymore nor have the budget to do that. 

Attending Sisters in Crime meetings

Hubby and I watch a lot of movies and TV series together on our Roku. Something we can enjoy together.

Not the most exciting life--much tamer than when we were young.

What is your favorite fun thing to do?



jrlindermuth said…
Someone asked recently how I get so much writing done. I told him it's easy--just don't do anything else. But, seriously, I do much more than write. I spend time with family. I work three days a week at the historical society. I read. I draw. I walk. I cook and eat (and go to restaurants when the opportunity arises). I watch movies and documentaries. I attend church. I visit flea markets and antique shops. Recently I went on a road trip with my son and daughter-in-law to Gettysburg and some wine shops.
Life is only boring for those who don't do anything.
What I don't do anymore is fiddle around--belong to social clubs (did at one time)--I guess it's all about choosing your priorities.

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