Signing Up for Things by Mar Preston

Of course I know what Amazon is. It’s where I sell all my mysteries and how to write a mystery EBooks.

But Amazon Advantage?  What’s that? It’s the vendor’s side of Amazon. When I got repeated emails from Amazon Advantage to do something about my orders I wondered what now. I’m not selling anything. 

After they’d been hounding me for about a week I waded into Amazon Advantage to straighten it out.

Don’t these kinds of problems just overwhelm you sometimes? I’m condensing about nine phone calls here. Stay with me. Yes, I did self-publish with createspace, an Amazon entity, but they have no relationship with Amazon Advantage and they had no phone number to communicate with them.  

Really? I’m told to call Amazon Advantage. The run around appeared before me.

However, I had one bit of leverage. An unhappy review with createspace. At 6 a.m. this morning a nice fellow from South Africa called to say these orders represented a good thing. They wanted to stock more of my book Rip-Off. It was 3 pm in South Africa. All’s well it seems.

I just now received a notice from Amazon saying my order is on its way.  What order? I shouldn’t have clicked on it without noting it wasn’t an official Amazon address. Now what’s going to happen?
I read these surveys about time spent in traffic or waiting in the lines at DMV. There’s a NYC company that hires people to wait in line.

Don’t you wonder if there’s not good money in setting up a company to make phone calls to deal with things you never signed up for? Who’s with me on this? Maybe it’s my million dollar idea.
If you find yourself on hold sometime and looking for a good read, maybe you’d like to check out Rip-Off set in Santa Monica and featuring a good-hearted SMPD homicide detective.


Thonie Hevron said…
Interesting post, Mar. I've also been recipient of several the same offers. Glad you're blazing the trail!
rithkhmer said…
Nice article, thanks for the information. You give me some idea's. I will bookmark for next reference.


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