Some Thoughts on Library Presentations by Marilyn Meredith

Our presentation in the Saroyan Gallery, I was pondering a question asked by an attendee.

This year I've done more library presentations than ever before. Have another coming up on July 22 at the Fowler Library, 306 So. 7th St.,  11 a.m., July 22.

I'm never quite sure what I'll tell whoever shows up--a lot depends upon who they are--strictly readers or those who want to write a book.

Usually though I begin telling a bit about myself--always being a writer and story teller (translate as a liar when I was a kid though it didn't feel like lying, just telling a great story.)

I might give some background on how long it took me to get published--I was a grandmother--and some of the things that have happened to me along the way.

My last presentation at the main library downtown Fresno had an interesting array of attendees: a husband and wife who both love mysteries, a woman who writes, a man who wants to write, and several homeless folks. (It was a hot day and the library offers a cool place to rest.)

Among the homeless were two rather disruptive folks, one young, very dirty man who enjoyed walking in front of me and the other speaker while we were talking, and a woman who decided to create a ruckus with the security officer.

My partner at the event, Lorie Lewis Ham, and I ignored all distractions and carried on.

We both shared some writing tips to the want-to-be-writers.

Oh, my daughter-in-law who drove us, granddaughter and her two little girls were also in the audience. The little ones behaved far better than the two I mentioned earlier.

We did sell some books too--always a nice surprise. And I had fun with the family members who came along with me.


Here I'm talking about my books.


M.M. Gornell said…
Interesting group of attendees!
Mar Preston said…
I love your energy and your willingness to drive all over the place. Good thoughts about libraries.
If my daughter wasn't willing to drive, I'd never do these.
Although I should add, my daughter-in-law filled in for the driving duties at this particular visit.
Thonie Hevron said…
Love the hair color, sister!! You're such a class act. I wanta be like you when I grow up!
rithkhmer said…
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