Busy, Busy August--and September Will be the Same

This month has really been full.

Nightwriters--we planned a mystery!

Lots of book events, visited libraries, had a great time at the Nightwriters meeting in San Luis Obispo, and there were many fun family times.

Me at Caruthers' Library

The biggie of course was the family reunion. So nice to see family members I don't get to see that often. Granddaughter Genie came from Murietta with her entire family, plus great-granddaughter Emily (Patrick's eldest). The next day Patrick arrived with his other two kids.

My cousin from Eagle Rock who grew up a block away from me spent the day and evening with us. 

And my sister and her hubby came from Las Vegas with her daughter and two kids. Plus we had all of the family from Springville there.

On my actual birthday, I had an important meeting in Visalia. A couple I've known for years bought my breakfast, the pie I wanted for my birthday celebration, and a beautiful orchid plant. (Hope I can keep it alive.)

 Granddaughter cooked dinner that evening, and we all enjoyed the pie.

All three of my girls called.

The next day, good friend Sheri Smith treated husband and me to lunch at Frank's Springville Inn. We had a great time--2 1/2 hours of eating and chatting.

A final celebration was heading to an RV park in Bakersfield to meet our eldest daughter and her hubby who were on their way home from a month long camping trip.

Looking forward to September,



Thonie Hevron said…
Whew! You make me tired just reading this! Looking forward to sharing your post on Sept. 22 on Just the Facts, Ma'am Writers Notes.

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