First Born's Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Dana!

We recently had lunch with our girls. Dana is the one on the left, then Rick with youngest daughter, Lori, middle daughter, Lisa, and of course, my hubby and the girls' dad.

Dana was my very first, and I knew nothing about babies. Because she was born in Cambridge Maryland, 3000 miles away from my family, I relied on a Good Housekeeping Book about raising a baby.

She has always been as much a friend as a daughter.

I was the leader of her Blue Bird and Camp Fire Group all through high school until all the girls graduated. I had as much fun and learned more that they did.

When planning for her wedding, believe me we had little money, she made her own dress and most of the bridesmaids' dresses and the flower girl's. The theme was daisys and we picked them from a neighbor's yard. I cooked all the food for the reception, and a neighbor made the wedding cake. Everything turned out beautiful.

Dana is now the mother of two grown children: Patrick works for an ink company and is a guru at mixing colors, Genie is a speech pathologist at a grammar school. Patrick has three children and Genie two: five of my great grands.

Dana and me way back.
                                    And in the one below, we're on vacation in Sedona AZ a couple of years ago.


Was fortunate to visit with her by phone last night.

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