Last Library Presentation--at least as far as I know

On August 12th at 11 a.m., I'll be finishing my circuit of the outlying areas in the Fresno Library system by visiting the Caruthers Library, 13382 So. Henderson Rd., Caruthers.

Because the audiences have been small at these venues, I'm not expecting anything else--just happy that anyone comes.

Because the librarian who booked me comes to them all, I'm sure he's bored to tears hearing my spiel over and over. No, it's not always exactly the same because I try to gear it to those who've come, but of course when I talk about my books it's going to be more or less a repeat of what he's heard before.

It will be a relief to be finished so I have my Saturdays free for something else, but I've enjoyed every visit. I've missed a couple of my San Joaquin Sisters in Crime meetings and a Tulare-Kings Writers meeting, it will be nice to get back into the normal groove. 

Of course I'm up for any library who'd like me to come and give a presentation. You can send me a Facebook message or leave a comment with how I can get in touch with you and if it's within driving distance and I have the date open, I'll schedule it.

Depending upon who shows up, I can speak about writing and publishing, different aspects of writing, how to write a mystery, about my life as a writer, and what inspired my different books.


A visit to the Lompoc Library a while back--note red hair.


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