Reflections on My Birthday Month

August has always been special to me because it it the month I was born. I do not plan to celebrate the whole month, not even sure how I'll celebrate. What I do know is that I have a meeting to attend that morning.

At the age I am I have much to reflect on. Born at the end of the depression, and World War II during my growing up years, I still had a wonderful childhood. I was surrounded by loving family: great parents who worked very hard, two sets of grandparents, one aunt on my mom's side, one aunt and two uncles on my dad's side--and their spouses, and 6 boy cousins, and 3 girl cousins. 

I always had a great imagination, tried a lot of new things, did well in school, married right after graduation, moving from the West Coast to the East Coast--big city to a tiny southern town. What a culture shock! I survived. Had my first child there. Returned with husband and daughter to L.A. 

Got my first real job with the telephone company--not an operator--but filing of all things. Actually a challenge of sorts, met some interesting people. Husband came home, had another baby at the infirmary on the SeaBee base in Hueneme, moved back east again this time to Little Creek VA into Navy housing. Experienced two hurricanes. 

Moved back to Port Hueneme, bought a house, had three more kids, worked off and on for General Telephone as an operator, served on PTA as secretary, newsletter editor and president, 2 years at the kids' grammar school, and 2 for the junior high. Was also a Camp Fire leader for 10 years until my eldest daughter graduated. Did all sorts of camping and backpacking and interesting trips, including 5 days to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas on our own Greyhound bus.

Managed to go to college, worked in a school for child development for 10 years, 3 years in various day cares. 

And all this time I was writing too. 

We moved to the foothills of the Sierra and purchased a licensed residential facility for 6 developmentally disabled women--didn't know much about the business, but learned quickly. I've taken care of people all my life--so that part was easy. 

Got published for the first time, and kept on writing.

Became president of the residential provider group, eventually organized the newly required administrator classes and then the CEUs that followed. Did that for many years as well as the monthly newsletter which I'm still doing.

Helped raise some grandkids, housed some others and other family members.

Retired from the provider business--concentrated more on the writing business.

Did a lot of traveling, Alaska twice, Hawaii twice, many cities all over the U.S. Much was writing related. Not doing so much of that now.

My family continues to grow, love seeing everyone and learning what they are doing.

It's been a long and very full and blessed life. Of course there's been sadness and rough spots, but I choose to reflect on all the good.



GBPool said…
Marilyn, Your life is an example to us all. You have managed and still manage to cram more stuff into your days than many do in a lifetime. I, too, was born in August, but I consider it an obligation to spend Birthday Month by following your example. I try to do something, if not many things, every day. Whether I clean something or make something or read or write something, I want to fill the month with stuff. You have set the standard. I'll try to keep it up all year, but I don't know if I have your stamina. Thanks for the role model you set.
My goodness, GB, thank you, but I don't consider what I do anything special. I've been give this time on earth--and unfortunately, there was a period when I didn't choose wisely, but learned from that and I feel like I've truly been blessed.
Thonie Hevron said…
GB is right: you're a role model for many. When I met you in person, I realized what a real diamond you are--no rough edges. I try to follow your example, too. You have much to be satisfied with as lives go. I'm proud to call you my friend.
Thonie, you are too kind. I have plenty of rough edges,just ask my family.

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