Herbs for Authors by Kathy Stevens

Last month I shared a favorite recipe of mine with members of the Tulare-Kings writers.  We made this recipe during our meeting so that everyone could take some home. 
I hope they will find inspiration for their writing projects as I have.
Refresh Mint
 An Herbal Recipe for writers        

In the early days of our country, the colonists knew that mint “cleared the head.”  They placed a mint blend in a decorative jar and used it as a desk accessory.  Whenever they felt the need to freshen their minds, they shook the jar, then opened it, and enjoyed the lively scent.

This is a version of the recipe they used:    

2 parts dried peppermint, spearmint, and lavender
1 part dried thyme and rosemary    
 A pinch of cinnamon  (optional)

Instructions:    Toss  all the herbs together.  Leave them to age in a closed container for 24 hours.  Spoon into small glass jars with lids. 

I keep a jar of this by my computer.  When I am writing a chapter in my next book or doing a bit of editing, this recipe is a winner.  I shake the jar, remove the lid, and take a few whiffs.   You can also leave the lid off for an hour or two, occasionally rubbing some of it between my fingers. 

This recipe and 54 others are in my book, The Herb Garden Club.  Now a retired teacher and certified master herbalist, I enjoy learning and writing about herbs.  To learn more about the work I do. 

Visit www.timelessherbaltraditions.com.  My email address is kathy4herbs@gmail.com.  


Gloria Getman said…
I have my jar sitting on my desk, and a short time ago, opened it for a good sniffing.
badge # 979 said…
I love this idea. I will treat myself to a jar of refreshing herbs. Thank you for the blog, Lynn

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