Priming the Pump

When we were being threatened by the fire, grandson and friends came up to our property  to do whatever they could to make sure the house and surroundings would be safe. The brought a pump to bring water up from the river, but couldn't get it to work. Son asked if they'd primed it? No one was sure what that meant until it was explained that they had to put a little water in it to get it started.

This made me think about what we as writers do to prime the pump.

For me, the actual writing takes very little--as long as I don't have other jobs looming.

Other jobs could be working on promotion, maybe necessary household chores, or anything that I think is important.

I know that some of my writer friends need to be in a special place, have certain music playing, or they only write at a certain time.

I prefer writing in my office and on my old PC computer. Writing early in the morning before anyone is up and having my cup of Chai latte certainly primes the pump.

Is there something in particular that primes your pump to get you writing?



Fran Stewart said…
Remember the old Kingston Trio song "Desert Pete" about the importance of priming the pump? Your son must have heard it at some point. If not, he might appreciate it now.
Anonymous said…
Marilyn, I am on the East Coast in the Mid-Atlantic region, and my state is busy with our Army's State National Guard to act as First Responder's to victims of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. It is a very frightening time; my daughter is on the West Coast.
M.M. Gornell said…
I'm primed by reading or listening (audio books) to good writing. And walking the dogs.
Fran, I didn't remember the song, but I'll let Matt know.

And having anyone on the East Coast right now is frightening.

Madeline, I like you method of priming the pump!

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