The Astral Gift is Back!

Many know that one of my publishers has had serous health problems causing me to take back all my rights. This was so difficult because we were good friends.

The publisher who did my last Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery, said he'd republish the others, but this will all take time. 

I had two other books with the publisher that did well over time--and though I wanted to self-publish them I really didn't have a clue how to go about it.

Enter my good friends and angels, Lorna and her husband Larry, who generously offered to get both books ready for publication. 

The first one is done: The Astral Gift

The heroine is a young woman who, as a child, escaped from the sexual abuse of her stepfather through astral projection. As an adult, she continues to astral project, but has no control over when it happens. 

No, I've never astral projected nor was I sexually abused as a child. The heroine is a day care center teachers--and yes, I've been one of those. 

Like most writers, I do borrow from my own experiences as well as those of others, and I have an imagination that takes me many places.

I'm not sure where this falls as far as category is concerned. It's certainly not a typical mystery or romance--but has a bit of both in it.

Also, it is wet in an earlier time period.

It's now available on Kindle:

If you decide to try it, please write a review. 


Lorna Collins - said…
I was delighted to work on this one since it is one of the few of your books I hadn't read. I'm thrilled it's back!
Larry Collins said…
It's been my pleasure to help with the covers. Lorna and I both love your stories.
Thank you, you two have been a great blessing to me in many ways.
Thonie Hevron said…
Good for you! You go!

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