What I've Been Dealing With

You may have heard about it on the news, the Pier Fire--well it threatened our little town of Springville. It is still burning. All those who lived above the town had a mandated evacuation order, though not all obeyed, especially those with cattle that needed tending.

This photo is of the town, you can see how close it came.

Springville itself, where I live, had a voluntary evacuation. Fire threatened enough that son and grandson (he came up the hill to assist)  and grandson-in-law did a lot of prep in case it managed to get close to the house. Son and wife, and granddaughter and husband packed up valuables but remained here because there are so many animals.

This one is of the fire behind The White Barn, from there either way, the roads were closed to everyone.

We left because we felt we might be a burden we had a mandatory evacuation. We packed up our stuff and a friend in Porterville invited us to come stay. We went Friday night, were there Saturday, though we went to great granddaughter's birthday party, then on Sunday we headed up the hill to church, stayed in Springville most of the day, returned to our hosts' to spend the night.

Things had calmed down a bit, so we decided to come home today. Because it did calm down, everyone else here left to enjoy the holiday.

The photos here show how scary it was, They were taken by Ivan Mia Mendoza.



Gloria Getman said…
Far too close! And it's not under control yet. So glad everyone is okay.
No, it's not, but it's better. Temperatures lowering and some rain has helped.
Fran Stewart said…
Oh, Marilyn, I'm glad your family came through safely. Wish I could send more rain your way.
It is so wonderful to be home, though my friend was a great hostess and we were so thankful to get away from the heat and smoke.

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