A Cookbook is Resurrected

Through the years, I've always had to cook for a big family and crowds.

I raised five kids and we always had other kids there at dinner time, and sometimes friends of ours. 

When each of my children married, I always prepared all the food for their wedding receptions.  When my mother had her 80th birthday party 100 people came and I prepared most of the dishes for that event too.

Hubby and I bought, lived in, and ran a six bed facility for developmentally disabled women for over twenty years. Besides cooking meals for them, we often had grandkids living with us, and sometimes their friends stopped by at dinner time.

At this time, a granddaughter, her husband and two kids, plus my son and his wife, share our home. I usually do the dinner time cooking, but sometimes we trade off. 

And of course, there are the many church potlucks--and I always bring a dish.

When I had my residential care home, I created a simple cookbook to share with other providers, and I used many of the meals that I made. I like to cook, but I get bored making the same recipes all the time.

Now the cookbook has been resurrected, and as I was looking over the recipes I realize that many of them cook easily been done in a crockpot.

If you have a lot of folks to cook for, you might want to try one of these recipes.

Once again I must thank Lorna for going to all the work to do this cookbook. And that's her dining room table, mine never looked that good.



Lorna Collins - said…
IT took me 30 years to find the "perfect" table. It was made by the Amish, and I adore it. Glad to share it with you! I found many of the recipes made my mouth water as I looked at them. I can't wait to try them!
Thonie Hevron said…
Thanks for this. Although our days of cooking for crowds are over, we often are consulted about where to find recipes for large groups. This is perfect. Thanks, Marilyn!
My great thanks to Lorna for doing this. And I thought my days of cooking for a crowd were over--but I'm still at it. Thanks for the comment, Thonie!

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