And Another Has Returned by Marilyn Meredith

Though it was a hard decision to make, I asked for my right back for all of my books from one of my publishers--the one who published my Rocky Bluff P.D. mysteries and a couple of others.

One of those is Lingering Spirit.  This one is quite different than any of my other books--it's a love story with a touch of the supernatural.

I could have never done any of this, but good friends Lorna and Larry Collins did all the work. Lorna did everything to get it back on Amazon as an e-book and trade paperback.

The new cover is absolutely stunning, don't you think?

Lingering Spirit also won an Epic award.

This is when I was presented the award--and believe me, it was a huge surprise.


Dee Card said…
Good book, very satisfying
Lorna Collins - said…
WE loved this book and couldn't bear to have it unavailable. We're both thrilled with the final result. It's great to see it on Amazon again.

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