Christmas Book Idea #6 The Astral Gift

A bit of history about The Astral Gift.

After writing my two historical family sagas, I wondered what I should write next--the answer came easily--a mystery. Mysteries were what I loved to read.

The Astral Gift is fiction, of course, I don't know anyone who can astral project nor have I done it, except in dreams. 

The heroine in the story has some resemblance to a young woman I know well who did suffer abuse as a child.

The setting is much like the beach community of Oxnard California back when I first lived there.

The policeman in my story has similarities to the police officer I knew best at the time, my then son-in-law. 

The day care center is much like one I worked in though it was in Ventura. I plucked various personality traits from some of the teachers who worked alongside me. None lived in a mortuary. I just like mortuaries.

I do hope some of you might like to try this mystery which is also a bit of a romance. Or perhaps you know someone who would enjoy it for Christmas.

This is another book my friend Lorna Collins re-edited, and re-pubbed it for Amazon.

It's available from Amazon for Kindle and also as a trade paperback.


Lorna Collins - said…
This one was very interesting--and a little spooky.

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