TRAIL TO GLORY, Christmas Book #3

Have relatives who like historical family sagas?

Trail to Glory is based on the genealogy of my mother's family. Some have compared it to books in the Little House on the Prairie series. Great compliment, but probably because it truly depicts ho difficult life was back in the early days.

One thing different about this book, is how the women faced horrendous hardships. Some had to find a way to support themselves after the death of a spouse.--so resourceful and strong. 

Though the story is based on the truth, I must admit that there is plenty of fiction. The closer it get to our time period, the truer it is.

This was my first published book--but since then it has been re-edited.

I hope you'll try it or gift it to a friend. Available in trade paperback and for Kindle.


Lorna Collins - said…
I adore this one! What amazing women!
It's hard to imagine what all the went through. Fun to research and write about though.

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