Reminiscing About Christmases Past

Been thinking about those after I had a family.

Many were spent at my mom's and dad's in Los Angeles when we lived in Oxnard.

The years I was expecting my 3rd child, first son though I didn't know it at the time, I was several days overdue and my whole family came to our little house to celebrate. Don't remember a while lot about it, but was so excited that even my grandma and grandpa came. Mark arrived three days later.

When we spent Christmas at home, I cooked the big dinner, but one year I had to work a split shift at the phone company. For the first time ever  we went out to dinner--and we chose the Colonial House in Oxnard--that was the top place to eat out at the time. 

My kids always got up really early but weren't to open anything until Dad and I were up, but they made so much noise it happened soon.

(While I'm writing this I'm waiting for Jessica's little ones to wake so we can see them open their gifts. And I know that Lisa (my daughter) told her family to come to her house at 6 a.m.)

One Christmas when hubby was in Vietnam I'd ordered gifts on credit from a catalog fully expecting them to arrive, instead I received a notice that they didn't accept my credit. Traveled to L.A. with no gifts. My mother gave me $20 to spend on Christmas and this was back in the day when money went much further than it does now. I was able to buy the three kids I had at the time, some nice gifts and they were happy.

I don't remember what I received for Christmas as an adult--what I always focused on and enjoyed was the great delight the children had every Christmas morning.

I do remember some memorable gifts when I was a kid:

A two story dollhouse made by my dad, and the furniture made by my Aunt Florence.

A bicycle that my dad made during the war years when you couldn't buy a bike.

Lots of Nancy Drew mysteries.

Storybook dolls (only one each year.)

A pink angora sweater.

Of course I received lots more, but that's what I remember.

Hope you are all enjoying your Christmas.


Just some of us on Christmas Eve.


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