Reminiscing About My Writing Life in 2017

This past year I had two new books published: Unresolved  in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series, and A Cold Death in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series.

It became obvious that Oak Tree Press was no longer viable, due to the ongoing health problems of the publisher, and I asked for the rights back for all of my books. At that time I really wasn't sure what I would do next.

I approached Mike Orenduff of Aakanbaaken and Kent about republishing the whole Rocky Bluff P.D. series, and he agreed. Of course this meant re-editing each book. So far, the first in the series, Final Respects is now available on Amazon in print and for Kindle.

However, Oak Tree Press had republished many of my other books and I had no idea what to do about them. Friend Lorna Collins came to the rescue, and what a friend indeed. On her own, she decided to republish them for me, and even found some books I hadn't thought about in years. He husband did new covers for them too. She and I re-edited them too. Now they are all available:

My two historical family sagas based on my family genealogy:

Two Ways West
Trail to Glory

My first mystery:

The Astral Gift

A romance with a touch of the supernatural:

Lingering Spirit

Two books that started out to be Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries,but didn't quite fit so became stand-alones:

The Deadly Feast
The Devil's Foothold

A Christian horror:

Cup of Demons

Two short stores:

Death of a Deceiver
The Resurrecton

And a cookbook:

Cooking for a Big Family

All are available in print and on Kindle.

Of course I did a lot of writing, including three blogs, mine, Make Mine Mystery, and Ladies of Mystery.

I attended my weekly writing critique group.

I only attended one conference, Public Safety Writers Association, where I taught at the pre-con workshop and on a couple of panels.

I did many library talks, went to two book clubs, a big book festival, had book launches for my new books, and lots of online promotion.

And of course, I did some online promotion.

It was a busy writing year and I"m sure I've overlooked something.

Looking forward to 2018.



Thonie Hevron said…
Wow, Marilyn--what a friend Lorna is! I've re-formatted my two earlier novels but didn't take the time to re-edit. Guess that's next. Once again, my plans come together after reading what you have been doing.
Lorna did this on her own--she even checked out my books with Mundania and let them know what had to be updated on Amazon. I'm still amazed she went to all the trouble, but believe me it's appreciated. She's kind of like my daughter from another mother. We share the same birthdate too--she's just a couple of years older than my eldest daughter.

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