The Suburbs Have Secrets--Thanks Mom!

When I was a pre-teen and still dreaming about becoming a published author, my mother used to suggest I write a story like Peyton Place. For those of you too young to know what I’m talking about, Peyton Place was a blockbuster book about small town scandals and secrets that later became a TV series. It was the 1960s version of Desperate Housewives and Pretty Little Liars. My mother loved the idea of a novel about a fictionalized version of our street where everyone had some kind of dirty little secret.

Flash forward a couple years, and Murder She Wrote became a Sunday night staple in our home. Once again, my mom – who we discovered was a savant when it came to solving crimes before Jessica Fletcher – suggested that I write a small town  mystery story where everyone had secrets.

Interestingly, she never thought of writing the story herself. She only thought I should write one. Apparently, I was to be the conduit for her imagination. But, that’s an issue for another day (and maybe a little therapy).

Getting back to the mystery -- my mom continued hanging on to this idea, long after Jessica Fletcher solved her last case. By this point, I’d become a successful romance writer, and she was using her crime solving skills to help Lenny Briscoe on Law and Order, but that didn’t matter. She would still ask if I ever thought about writing a mystery.

Well, Mom, guess what? I was thinking about it. The character of Sadie McIntyre had been living in my head for years, just waiting for a crime plot to come along and inspire her. That plot became The Suburbs Have Secrets.

The book is my very own Desperate Housewives/Murder She Wrote mash up in which the residents of Woodbridge, Massachusetts are all hiding secrets from one another. When an acquaintance is found dead from mysterious circumstances, Sadie realizes someone in town is willing to kill to keep his or her secret buried. Will Sadie unmask the killer before her own secret is revealed?

Or will the killer get her first?

I’m pretty sure Mom would have liked it.

The Suburbs Have Secrets is available on Amazon for $3.99 or on Kindle Unlimited.  Look for it on other book channels in late December.

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Dee Card said…
Sounds like a fun read.
I do remember Peyton Place, the book and the movie. Great idea here.

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