Changes in My Life (Since I've Gotten Older)

First off, let me say that inside I feel great--and young.

However, my body reminds me that I've been around a long time. And now there are things that I don't do anymore. I used to be a night owl, now I get up and go to bed early.

One that I really miss is flying--especially to mystery cons. Hubby and I used to go to every Bouchercon all over the country. Besides the convention itself, we met many interesting people and some who became good friends. We also visited cities we would have never visited otherwise.

I no longer drive to faraway places, something I used to do a lot. Now the only driving I do is to town, to my writer's group and a meeting  or two in Visalia.

That doesn't mean I stay at home, I don't. Thank goodness I have a daughter who is quite willing to drive me and sometimes hubby to places I need/want to go. We attend the Public Safety Writers Association's Board Retreat in Ventura, and the annual conference in Las Vegas. 

In Ventura we are able to visit with two of our daughters. When we go to Vegas, we are also able to spend some time with my sister and her family. We usually head down to the farther southern California to visit our eldest daughter and her family. 

During the year, there are many speaking and book selling opportunities that come up, and thanks to my middle daughter I can attend those too. We both love going over to the Central Coast Sisters in Crime events.

Feb. 1 at 7 p.m., I'll be on a panel about writing mysteries with three of my mystery writing friends: Gloria Getman, Krista Lynn and Cora Ramos at the Fig Garden Regional Library 3071 W. Bullard Ave.

I once loved to swim in the ocean--yes, the cold Pacific--but now I'm content to gaze at it when I have the chance.

Hubby and I loved to dance, but that also is a pleasure of the past.

Our big date nights have changed to day and will usually be a movie and a meal out. Neither of us like to drive a night anymore. 

What I still do and will until I can't is:

Teach Sunday School--my 4th and 5th graders.

Write. New mysteries and blog posts.

Edit: My new and old mysteries.

Promote my books: Any way I can--including Facebook and Twitter, library panels and talks, book fairs, etc. 

And probably the most important to me is spending time with my family and friends.

Actually, I'm still living a great life.



Dee Card said…
Some people know how to live life. You do.
Thank you, Dee!
I'm fortunate to have so much family and friend support.
M.M. Gornell said…
You continue to be my inspiration, Marilyn! See ya in Vegas my young friend!
Thank you, Madeline! I'm looking forward to seeing you too!
Ellen Kirschman said…
I’m watching you as I,m not that far behind. See you in Vegas.
Looking forward to seeing you too, Ellen.

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