Happy New Year!

As I'm writing this I'm looking back at all the blessings from this past year.

We had four new additions to our family:

Great grandson, Nathaniel, parents, grandson Nick and Crystal Meredith. 

Great grandson, Daniel, parents, grandson Nathan and Amanda Meredith.

Our second great, great grand, Asher, parents great-grandson Brandon and Cymone Cohea. 

And a girl, great granddaughter, Eleanor, parents, grandson Gregg and Caitlin Cole.

I had two new books published, and several re-published.

Hubby and I went on three great trips, to Ventura, where I attended the PSWA Board meeting, got to hang with my PSWA friends and see family; to Murietta, where we visited family; and Las Vegas to the PSWA conference and also got to see our Vegas family.

Daughter Lisa drove me to many writing events in and around our area and also over to the Central Coast. We always enjoy these trips together. 

I know there's lots more, but this gives you an idea of how great my 2017 has been.

I've been up early starting the preparations for my annual crab-leg, shrimp gumbo. It's become a tradition, one that's fairly easy to make.

I'm always eager to see what blessings the Lord will bring for the new year. May you feel his love as he pours out his blessings upon you.

Of course there will be hard times ahead, but the blessing usually outweigh the difficulties.



Thonie Hevron said…
Blessings to you, dear Marilyn, and your wonderful family. Looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!
I am looking forward to seeing you too! Always a good time!

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