New Version of Final Respects Has Arrived

No matter how many times it happens, when a box of my own books arrive I can't help getting excited.

Final Respects, the first book in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series, has been re-edited and re-published by Aakenbaaken & Kent.

There are no changes to the plot, only some editing changes.

I've written about how this story came about in other blogs, but I want to let you know what the publisher had to say about Fringe Benefits:

Publisher's Notes:

Final Respects was the firs book in the Rocky Bluff Police Department series. It was first published nearly two decades ago. Aside from some minor editing, we decided to keep the book just as it was written. It is still an excellent story of crime, romance  and small city life. And it is also a period piece with things like pay phones. We are delighted to have it back in print and look forward to printing all the books in one of America's most long-running and popular police procedural series.

Officer Michael Cole was a sheriff's deputy in El Dorado County, California. He died on duty in an automobile accident while responding to a call.

Cole previously served in the Oxnard Police Department and was nominated by the South Oxnard Kiwanis Club, for outstanding service in the police department and the community. He was a member of the Santa Clara Catholic Church, and was active in the parish and elementary school.

He was survived by his wife, Lori; three sons, Robert, Gregory, and Christopher, and by his mother-in-law, who authored this book and dedicated it to him.

Additional Note by Me:

My grandson, Gregg, (his name is spelled Greggory) has followed in his father's footsteps--first as a police officer in Aspen Colorado, and now a K-9 officer in Roseville, CA. 

Final Respects is available from Amazon as a trade paperback and on Kindle.

Remember, I write this series under the name F. M. Meredith.



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