What I've Been Doing the Last Few Days

My intentions were to write a new blog post while I was away from home. Of course, that didn't work out since I didn't have the password I needed to get into this site.

With daughter Lisa driving, we headed off to Ventura early Thursday morning. The main reason was for me to attend the Public Safety Writers Association's Annual Board Meeting. We meet in a hotel for 3 days and talk about what we should have done better the year before and what we will be doing the coming year--with a big focus on who is going to do what and the conference in July.

We work hard, but it's also great to see the board members who we sometimes only see once or twice a year. (We do keep in touch via email.)

My husband spent the time with our daughters and their husbands while I was busy working. We did all have some meals and visits together.

While we were there we also toured some of the devastation of the Thomas Fire which began in Santa Paula and burned all the way into Santa Barbara. Seven hundred homes were burned in Ventura, some right to the ground, others damaged badly.It was a horrible sight. Neighborhood were decimated. We saw cars and motor homes burned to be almost unrecognizable. So hard to imagine how horrible this is for the families who have lost everything.

Besides all this, the board accomplished a lot, with much more to be done. 

I'll be keeping you posted about the conference. Oh, and while I was there I learned my publisher will be attending the conference, so that was another plud.




Anonymous said…
Like the pictures posted on FB. Nice seeing everyone's smiling faces.
Thonie Hevron said…
Ditto what Maddie said. Looking forward to seeing the whole board at the conference and make new friends!

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