DEADLY FEAST, Once a Deputy Tempe Crabtree Mystery

Recently, one of my friends called and said she'd just read Deadly Feast. She said it read like a Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery. She was right. When I wrote it, I intended it to be a Tempe mystery, but when I was finished I realized it didn't quite fit the criteria. There was nothing in it about the heroine being Native American or any references to anything Indian.

So, I changed the names of the two main characters and the town. Of course that meant there was still a lot of resemblance to the all my Tempe Crabtree mysteries.

The story revolves around a huge storm and people being stranded on the wrong side of the river when a bridge goes out. Of course there's a murder, a murder that revolves around food, and the heroine is put into great danger when someone pushes her into the rushing river.

I liked what I'd written and decided with a few changes, the book would still work.

When I first wrote it, I called it Guilt by Association. Under that title it won a best mystery award from the publisher.

After some editing, the book is now published again with a new title and cover.

If you like my Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries, I'm sure you'll like Deadly Feast.

It's available in print or for Kindle.



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