Doing Research--A Trigger for More Plot Ideas

I'm off and running-or to be more accurate, stumbling toward writing the next Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery. I am woefully behind for several valid reasons, the biggest being re-editing all my Rocky Bluff P.D. mysteries. However there were many other blockades along the way: newsletters to write, for me and the two organizations for which I am the newsletter editor.

You can read one here: 

Another that happens to every author: Life. We have a new great-grandbaby due to arrive soon so that means lots of excitement--and one of my great grandsons is getting married this month, which also brings much excitement.

Since Tempe will be traveling to a new location, I've been doing some Internet research about Tehachapi. It is one of my favorite places though I knew little about it's history. I've also purchased a small history book written by one of the locals. It had lots of interesting information including photos, but not sure it is anything I'll use in the plot.

What I have learned about is the Indians who lived there before the while people came, what happened to many of them (not good), and a huge earthquake that wrecked a women's prison.Will I use some of that information--probably.

Slowly but surely, the plot is coming together, and as I move along I'll be doing more research, including going to Tehachapi and taking a look at things I've seen before and some I haven't. 

Hoping to get this book done close to the time a new Tempe usually comes out, but not sure that will happen.


And in case you haven't read it yet, last year's Tempe was A Cold Death.


Maggie King said…
When my husband and I lived in North L.A. county, we often visited Tehachapi. We loved the area, especially Bear Valley. I like to read mysteries set there, but don't find many. One I did read was The Fat Lady Sings by David Scott Milton. I'll look forward to your Tehachapi book.

Thanks for you comment, Maggie. I'm finding out a lot about the Indians of the area right now, but I am writing too.

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