Meet Author Daniel Stallings

What a surprise--I attended San Joaquin Sisters in Crime's meeting, having no idea who our speaker was going to be. The very young man was introduced, and almost the first words out of his mouth were that when he was 16 he'd attended a writers meeting in Ridgecrest and the speaker was Marilyn Meredith giving a presentation on how to write a mystery. And since he'd been writing since he was a kid, he decided right there that's what he wanted to do.

He loves the books written by the Golden Age mystery writers and has followed in their footsteps. He loves a puzzle with lots of pieces and building a different set of clues. 

He writes about characters he knows about. 

He plans to continue writing about the main character he created, and the plan is that he will change and grow, got to new locations and have new experiences. He plans on writing an open-ended series with definite ends to each one. He wants to write as many books as he can.

Two pieces of advice for any writer:

Make the motive for killing something big--money, love, or vengeance.

The hero should be someone the readers really wants to root for.

I have the book and once I've read it, I'll share a review.



Thonie Hevron said…
One has no idea the impact he/she has until something like this happens. Just wait until I do a post on writing mentors, Marilyn Meredith!

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