St. Patrick's Day and a Wedding!

Something interesting is always going on in our family and today is no exception.

My great-grandson is getting married to his love. He proposed at Christmas, so there's not been a whole lot of planning time. After the wedding, they'll be traveling to Kansas where they plan to live.

Because of the wedding, we'll be seeing lots of relatives. Last night we had dinner and lots of conversation with our eldest daughter and her hubby, and their granddaughter, Emily,  (one of our greats), and our youngest daughter and her hubby. They all live in Southern California.

Great-granddaughter who is a make-up artist and hairdresser is going to be performing her art on the bride. 

While we were visiting, we learned via Facebook, that great-grandson, Ethan, who is only a freshman at his high school, pitched a No-Hit game. He is Emily's brother. We were all excited about that.

I will write more about the wedding once it has happened.

This wedding will mean that all of granddaughter Melissa's children will be married. Daughter Carolyn now lives in Washington with her Army husband--though she's here for the wedding with her darling little girl. Son, Brandon, his wife, and baby boy, lives close as he's one of the preachers at our church.

And so the family saga moves along.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone.


I took this photo from where I was sitting. There will be others from folks who knew what they were doing. 


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